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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dolly's daughters - Debbie, Denise, Dianna and Daisy

Many people are concerned about the robustness of cloned animals. Well, in this new article published by Nature, which studied the health of 13 sheep cloned by SCNT, there are no serious reported health problems. This is surely the best news cloning enthusiasts could receive!
The flock of animals aged 7-9 years old, "including four derived from the cell line that gave rise to Dolly", are being studied by the coauthors; largely thanks to financial assistance from the University of Nottingham, England.
There were no sheep found in the study that needed treatment for diseases. Two sheep had moderate to severe osteophytosis, "as would be expected in sheep of that age", but showed no sign of pain, and could walk.

Title: Healthy ageing of cloned sheep
Authors: K. D. Sinclair, S. A. Corr, C. G. Gutierrez, P. A. Fisher, J.-H. Lee, A. J. Rathbone
Publication: Nature Communications
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Date: Jul 26, 2016

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